Monthly Archives: September 2015

Marketing and Getting Yourself Known

Building a business and finding customers is a lot easier these days with the use of the internet. I have learned about Google Business, Google Adwords, and other websites that act like a middle man to help get you started. I have also made business cards and flyers which is the usual way of getting your business out […]

Finding A Suitable Vehicle

Since making the decision of starting up this business, I realised I’d need to find a decent sized van to be able to transport pets to their walks, my house or appointments they have. I also know that if I’m going to be walking numerous dogs, the van would need to be big enough for a few […]


I look after Dora on an ad-hoc basis and since meeting her she really has come a long way. Her owners were not able to leave her for even a minute when I first met her. However, with lots of hard work and perseverance, they can now leave her for a lot longer! She also trusts […]