Summer Advice for Dog Walkers

Summer is here and I love walking the dogs when the sun is shining! I’ve already got myself a great tan and the dogs love frolicking in the long grass. I’ve bought myself a (not so) stylish bum bag to store clean poo bags, my phone and, most importantly, lots of treats and biscuits. It’s […]

Marketing and Getting Yourself Known

Building a business and finding customers is a lot easier these days with the use of the internet. I have learned about Google Business, Google Adwords, and other websites that act like a middle man to help get you started. I have also made business cards and flyers which is the usual way of getting your business out […]

Finding A Suitable Vehicle

Since making the decision of starting up this business, I realised I’d need to find a decent sized van to be able to transport pets to their walks, my house or appointments they have. I also know that if I’m going to be walking numerous dogs, the van would need to be big enough for a few […]


I look after Dora on an ad-hoc basis and since meeting her she really has come a long way. Her owners were not able to leave her for even a minute when I first met her. However, with lots of hard work and perseverance, they can now leave her for a lot longer! She also trusts […]


Bugsy is a very loving dog with a sweet, playful nature. He loves to chase a ball but hasn’t really got the hang of bringing it back so can get bored with it unless you engage and play with him. He absolutely loves swimming in water, it doesn’t matter if it’s a lovely, clean river […]

How it all started

Setting up a pet care business has always been something that I’ve wanted to do but, for various reasons, I never went ahead and actually planned anything. Then in June 2015, I was told that I, and the rest of my colleagues, were going to be made redundant. The first thing that went through my […]

Dog Walking

I’ve had dogs ever since I came into this world and dog walking is as much fun for me as it is for the dogs! The dogs get their much needed play and sniff time and you get to be out in the fresh air enjoying the company of other dog walkers, or sometimes it’s nice to […]