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This is Polly who is a Labrador cross. Even though she’s a bit older than some of our other dogs, she is full of energy and loves to run around and explore new walks. Her favourite activities are chasing after a tennis ball and running through thick long grass!!


Skylar is a Collie and is our youngest dog at Wonderful Woofs! She’s very friendly and loves to climb up and nuzzle your face for cuddles!


This is Coco, a Toy Poodle. He is very gentle, sweet natured and happy to do his own thing on our group walks. He’s a great dog to walk as he never wanders too far away and is happy to meet all dogs, big and small!


This is the lovely Reggie. He’s a very gorgeous, very bouncy black Labrador. He loves people and dogs alike and just wants to play with everyone he meets.

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Henry & Daphne

Henry & Daphne are gorgeous English Bulldogs who are completely inseparable. They are brother and sister and love going on their walks. They are very sociable and enjoy it when I bring other dogs to walk with them. Daphne loves her toys and hates it if another dog has a toy and she doesn’t so […]


Simba is a lovely Ridgeback cross and is walked with us once a week. Unfortunately he does not like other dogs so has to be walked on a lead on his own. He also pulls like a train so there’s no need to go to the gym, just walk him and it’ll be like weight […]


Molly is an 8 year old Beagle, who is very independent and is always sniffing out the nearest treats or food! She is very vocal, like most Beagles, and sometimes barks at the wind which I find extremely funny. I look after her 3 times a week for day care and she has settled in […]


Luna is a gorgeous Labrador pup who we look after every now and then. She has made lifelong friends with Casper (our own dog) and loves having play fights with him! As you can see from the middle photo, Luna enjoys a sleep on the sofa when it all gets a bit much!


This is Fergus who is a very affectionate Beagle. As you can see from the second photo he likes to lead the way and always has his nose to the ground sniffing out the most interesting smells! He’s very good at sitting as long as he knows there is a treat waiting for him!