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Group Walks


Dexter is a pure breed Doberman. He loves to play with my own Dog, Casper, and they both enjoy a good play fight! We walk Dexter, but also look after him overnight, once per week and he has made his place with the other dogs very quickly. He is a friendly soul who loves a […]

Lillie & Neelix

Neelix & Lillie are looked after on an ad hoc basis. Neelix is very loving and always wants a cuddle, but Lillie takes a bit more time to get used to people.      


Noodle is a 5 year old Labradoodle and has just started being looked after by Wonderful Woofs. He is very calm and walks very well on his lead but we haven’t let him off just yet as he’s only been out with us a few times. He is still a bit unsure going for walks with […]


Bertie is a gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniel and loves playing with all the dogs we meet! He is such a friendly lad, always wagging his tail, and wants everyone to be his friend. Although he’s very young, he’s obedient and has learnt a lot of basic commands already. He sits very well when we check […]

Bugsy – Leonberger

  Bugsy is walked 3 times a week and he’s always getting himself into mischief. He tries to push the boundaries to see what he can get away with! His favourite game is to run off and chase anything that moves, but luckily he loves his blue squeaky ball that we take with us even more. It’s […]

Dora – Crossbreed

  Dora is a lovely, independent girl who loves to chase anything and everything given the chance! She is a rescue dog and has had some issues with separation anxiety, but her owners have been brilliant building her confidence up gradually. She’s now a star at the agility course her owners take her too!

Scampi – Rat

I have a real fondness for Scampi, so much so that I’ve nicknamed ‘Ratty’, very (non) original! I used to own Rats and I miss how loveable they can be so it’s always nice when I get to look after this little one. He loves to have a climb up onto the outside of his cage […]