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We offer group walking so the dogs can run and frolic with each other, getting their much needed exercise!

Each walk lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour but please note, in wet muddy conditions or in high heat, the walk may be slightly shorter to give time for cleaning and drying the dogs, or to give time for them to cool off.

Dogs are walked off the lead with their owners written permission, otherwise they will be walked on leads but they will still be able to socialise with the other dogs in the group.

The places we walk vary depending on where you live but we try to do it as local as possible. 

This does sometimes change if we have a big group walk. 

There are some lovely walks in the Merstham, Redhill and Earlswood areas. Those walks have lots of space for the dogs to run around and enjoy themselves!

New Recruit Process


Meet and Greet

The meet and greet gives me a chance to meet you and your dog and assess whether your dog would fit in with us.

It also gives you and your dog the opportunity to meet me and ask any questions you may have.


Trial Walk

The idea of the trial is to make sure your dog is happy being walked within a group setting and to see how they respond to me when we're out.

It's important for me to build a bond with your dog, and for them to trust me in return. Sometimes this can mean it's beneficial for more than one trial walk.

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Once your dog has passed the trial(s) then it's off for fun and frolics with their new friends!

They will enjoy socialising and playing on their walks. Their new buddies can show them their favourite places.

Dog Walking Prices

Dog Walking


Per group walk

Dog Walking FAQ's

We are fully insured with Pet Business Insurance.

Currently, we only offer half-day which is roughly 4-5 hours, due to our current capacity.

On the very odd occasion we do, but not regularly.

We offer overnight boarding for long-term dog walking customers only, it’s currently not available for any new customers.

We walk your dog in local fields and woods all around Merstham, Redhill and Earlswood.

We have a van kitted out with crates in the back.

Although some of our current client’s dogs are on-lead only, we are not taking on anymore that cannot be let off-lead.

We can keep a spare key with us which is securely kept in a lockbox, or alternatively if you have a keysafe we would just need the code.

If reactive to people or dogs, unfortunately we are unable to take them on. However, if reactive to something else, please get in touch as there are some behaviours which we can accomodate.

Currently, we don’t have the capacity to offer individual walks, only group walks.

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Dog Walking in Merstham