Our Customer's Dogs - Dora

I look after Dora on an ad-hoc basis and since meeting her she really has come a long way. Her owners were not able to leave her for even a minute when I first met her. However, with lots of hard work and perseverance, they can now leave her for a lot longer! She also trusts me and she has gradually realised that I’ll be looking after her but that her owners will be back soon.

Dora loves to have a game and is very energetic so when her owners are away for an evening, I always make sure she has a play every half an hour or so in the garden with her toys. She also loves to chase so I have to keep an eye on her when out walking and always keep her on a lead.

She settles very quickly with me indoors and she loves sleeping by the fire so I can relax, watch some T.V and have a cup of tea. That’s the part I look forward to!

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