Marketing Your Dog Walking Business

Building a business and finding customers is a lot easier these days with the use of the internet. I have learned about Google Business, Google Adwords, and other websites that act like a middle man to help get you started.

I have also made business cards and flyers which is the usual way of getting your business out there, but with pretty much everyone on the internet these days, I have found it so much easier to find the customers with just a click of the button.

Once you have a few customers under your belt, word of mouth is the best advertising you can get, and I’d recommend having a testimonials page if you’re going to be building your own website. This helps customers let other people know what you’re like and if they would use you again or recommend you to others.

Getting friends and family to mention you to people they know really helps too as customers may feel they can trust you better from a recommendation, rather than if they were to just search you on the web or saw a flyer. It’s good to have references as a back up too.

There is no such thing as pointless advertising, however, I have steered clear of posting flyers through people’s doors. I don’t particularly like getting random flyers through my door, so why should I expect others to be happy with it? You could find your flyers are thrown away or recycled if you post them through doors.

I think it’s better to direct your marketing to the right people. If you posted through, say, 200 doors. You may find 75 of those have pets, or knows someone that has pets, which means you’ve wasted 125 flyers. This means wasted money.
Therefore, if you direct your marketing properly, in this case put them up on notice boards in vets, pet shops, other shops, pubs etc, then you’ll be more likely to find the right business and for your efforts not to be wasted. This also means that people can choose to take the information about you, rather than you forcing it upon them.

Lots of businesses find a way of marketing that suits them, so it’s worth going down all the avenues and finding unique ways of doing it to make your business stand out. If you find a way of marketing that you’re happy with and it gets you business, then stick to it.

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